Water Damage

New York Water Damage Restoration


When you experience a water damage every second counts. Water affects everything the walls of your property to the items in it, the faster you respond to a water damage the more damage you can mitigate and the sooner your will property will be restored to its pre-damaged state.


The first thing you need to do if you experience a water damage is identify the source, if it’s a broken pipe shut off the water, do whatever you can to minimize or stop the flow of water. If your property is not actively flooding or you have stopped the source of water your next step is to call New York Pro Inspections. New York Pro Inspections is licensed & insured, we have been serving Long Island, NY for years and are dedicated to our clients.


Once you call New York Pro Inspections a water damage restoration team will be dispatched, our teams are highly trained to handle any size water damage. Upon arrival, our team will perform a full inspection and evaluation of the loss and create an action plan.


The water damage restoration process


The first step is the removal of all standing water, our team will extract all standing water from your property. Once all standing water has been removed we will begin they drying and restoration process. Any items that are deemed beyond restoration will be discarded, wet sheetrock will be removed and your structural will be dried with humidifiers and air movers. Our water damage restoration teams are highly trained in the most up-to-date and advanced structural drying methods.


Water Damage can cause Mold


If you experience a flood and do not properly and thoroughly dry out the affected areas it can lead to a mold infestation. Mold thrives in wet and humid environments, and spreads through your property, even to areas that did not get affected by the flood.


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